Restoring the past, Designing the Future

Zaya Projects Pty (Ltd) have 25+ years experience of all trades in the building industry. Our team are determined to satisfy our customers by providing the best finishes and results. Zaya Projects are based in Cape Town and our projects are National as well as International.

At ZAYA Projects our Journey started with Specializing in WallPaper Installations in Cape Town, we have grown over the years into many other domains or areas in the building industry and other services, delivering quality first time every time to our clients allowed us to grow not only our footprint but our brand as well. We value our customers and take pride in our work, we listed some historical projects to provide additional insight as to who ZAYA PROJECTS are.


WallPaper we simply love it

With an every changing market and an ever changing environment we adjusted and accommodated and embraced change in our industry, Wallpaper installations and designs are our flagship however our clients required more than our core services, to align with requirements and our hear beat to satisfy our client requirements we changed from Wallpaper to many other services around it to be able to provide an end to end service to our clients. Wallpaper to us is more than what people think it is, we understand the psychological impact an environment can have on people. Thus with excellent finishes and some amazing concepts and designs we are proud to be part of so many life changing experiences to our clients and their environments. We are proud to list our galleries of the quality and outstanding wallpaper installation projects we have completed so far, unfortunately we unable to list every single wallpaper installation project however it's mearly to give you insight as to how you can change your environment to new unimaginable grounds.

We offer the following Service

  • WallPaper Installation
  • Renovations
  • Alterations
  • Maintenance A-Z
  • Painting of Commercial and Residential buildings
  • Aluminium Work
  • Stainless Steel Work
  • Carpentry
  • Spray Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Rubble Removal
  • Installation of Mirrors, pictures etc
  • Custom hand made furniture

Some Historical Wall Paper Installation Projects

  • WallPaper Installation at Design Indaba
  • WallPaper Installation at Decorex
  • WallPaper Installation at Singita Lodge Tanzania - Kruger National Park
  • WallPaper Installation at Mount Nelson hotel Cape Town
  • WallPaper Installations for Home/Residential (Multiple Projects......)

Additional Projects

  • Show Room Installation at Cecile and Boyd Studio
  • Sub-Contractors for GVK at Krystal Beach Hotel


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